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Notification history

23/01/2020 08:45AM GMT
We can now confirm that the logout button on the Office 365 is now functioning normally.
13/01/2020 04:22PM GMT
Microsoft are currently aware with an issue with logging out from one page (office.com). No other pages affected.
We currently recommend you ensure all office 365 sessions are logged out from other office 365 apps (outlook, sharepoint etc) or from with RM Unify or Glow as this will ensure the logout completes successfully.
Microsoft expect to have update by the end of this week to address the issue
07/01/2020 11:28AM GMT
We have become aware of an issue with the sign-out button within Office 365 Home Page (https://www.office.com/?auth=2) which results in the user not being successfully logged out and their session persisting.

We are liaising with Microsoft to investigate and resolve this issue. Further updates will follow.